Easy day

Halloween was fun this year. I had the opportunity to enjoy that night with my love, our sister and brother at Museum of Natural Science’s party.We drank some before leaving for the party. I dressed up like Doraemon, a Japanese anime character but most of people there didn’t know who I was?! ….lol…I was speechless. My love liked to wear like PPAP guy but the look wasn’t  complete actually and then he put extra the horse and squid mask on 😛 :P. I laughed so much :D. All about that night were that dancing, drinking, talking, laughing, going around to look the collection of fossilized skeletons of enormous dinosaurs and meeting new friends. It was good and we had Pho and soybean milk then before coming home :).

The day after wasn’t too bad. Just my legs were tired so I liked to wear something easy but still nice for going out and this dress was exactly what I want. To add more playful to the outfit, I chose the bag from Zara, one of the most favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Hope you guys have a great Sunday.










Hat: Asos (sold out) / Dress & Rings: h&m / Bag: Zara (sold out)/ Heels: Topshop (sold out)

Thank you for reading.❤


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