Contrast colors

Happy New Year again to all of you! First of all, I wish everyone have the good starts in the first days of 2017. I have been back to my reality since Monday with loads of work waiting. And you? Are you back on track after New Year holidays yet?

It’s January 6, but I honestly don’t know what season it’s supposed to be here in Houston. A few days ago, it was really warm when I could wear like summer never went away but who knows temperature drops down 34 F today and it’s gonna be up and down the next days. 

For this outfit, I decided to style two contrast colors red and white for the first day of New year. I guess this is an interesting combination, it makes me feel more excited, energetic and of course outstanding. To add some touch, I matched the cute mini bag from Zara which came from their Astrology collection. You know I bought it as long as I saw it on their site :D. I’m totally a crazy fan of Zara <3. Furthermore, I’m also a Gemini girl, I love all of the cute things having this zodiac symbol on them. This makes me love Zara brand even much more before ❤ <3. If you guys are interested in this collection, it is still available now. You guys can check it here and let me know what do you think about this look? 😉









Sweater: h&m (old) / Skirt: zara /  Bag: zara / Heels: zara (old)/ Necklace: forever 21 (old)

Thank you for reading. ❤