Ruffle, Yes or No?

It is hard to hide my excitement when ruffle is suppose to be one of big trends this year. I usually see it on the dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts and now it is added to even the pants, bags, shoes. I do love the feminine, romance, sleekness and ease coming from this style. It definitely has a place in my wardrobe this season. Actually I can’t wait to challenge myself for styling it.

These are my recommendations where to get it, how to wear it and some inspiration that I collected from magazine and another online fashion websites. Hope these things will be useful for you guys. So what trend do you fall in love with in 2017? Let me know! 🙂


Where to get this style?!


Frilly dress – $ 69.90


Printed blouse with frills – $ 39.90


Shell top – $ 13


Ruffle mini dress – $ 50


Mini skirt with ruffle pocket – $ 26.50


Ruffle hem peg pants – $ 30

Thank you for reading. ❤