First lotion

Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Infuser is currently my favorite skin care product. This is an activating lotion that tapped or applied gently on the skin after cleansing step. It’s kind of pure, transparent liquid with gentle fragrance. The main effect of this water is to balance, provide the moisture and vitamins for skin. Additionally, the lotion also absorbs very quickly as a first preparation for the next skin care steps.

The weather, environment change and lots of other factors caused my skin lack of hydration, dullness and roughness so my skin actually need to be cared much more and got moisturizing enough, and this beauty appears like a magic remedy. I usually use it every day in the fully following steps: cleanser, Shiseido infuser, serum and moisturizer. Shiseido infuser before serum with the purpose is help my skin surface opens for the essence of serum and moisturizer deeply and gently infusing the skin. After two month using, my skin is getting brighter, hydrating. Plus, SAKURAResist Technology with essence from Japanese cherry blossoms helps my skin reduce dullness and dark spots visibly.

Adding a first lotion or activating lotion to my daily skin care routine is a right decision of mine. It is just little addiction but changes my big trouble. I feel happy waking up every morning with soft and radiant skin. BYE DRY SKIN !!

Besides Shiseido lotion I mentioned above, I’d like to suggest the other ones, hope they will be useful for you guys. ❤

  1. The Body Shop Oils of life Intensely Revitalising Essence lotion
  2. The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum
  3. Su:m 37 Secret Essence
  4. Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

Thank you for reading. ❤